Martin Luther

Martin Luther

penned his "Ninety-Five Theses" which enumerated the abuses on the subject of "payment for pardon" known as indulgences. His intention was to have a scholarly debate on the matter, but instead he received a firestorm of opposition. The Roman papacy tried to discredit and silence him, officially accusing him of heresy, burning his books and ultimately excommunicating him. In spite of all their efforts, they could not silence Luther or the truth of God's word.

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Welcome to "Martin Luther 1520," an exhibit presented by Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D. The pieces you are about to see were displayed in Glendale, California and include a map of Wittenberg, a papal indulgence, eight booklets from the year 1520, an original papal bull, letters from Martin Luther and journal entries from Pope Leo X along with four kiosks with detailed information about both men.
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