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Day Date ET ID# Title
Monday 10/31/2022 12am VF-1947 Martin Luther: Courage to Stand for Christ
Tuesday 11/1/2022 12am VF-1829 Genesis 13:14 Following the Path of Faith
Wednesday 11/2/2022 12am VF-2044 Eschatology #18 Thyatira: Infidelity to God and the Apostate Church
Thursday 11/3/2022 12am VF-1774 Luke 15 Start Over with God
Friday 11/4/2022 12am VF-2091 Colossians 1:23 Be Not Moved Away from the Hope of the Gospel
Saturday 11/5/2022 1am VF-1883 Attitudes Toward Giving
Sunday 11/6/2022 2pm VF-2334 Giving and Stewardship #5 Giving and Stewardship Run Throughout the Bible
Sunday 11/6/2022 3pm VF-2363 Sunday Service from October 16, 2022
Day Date ET ID# Title
Monday 11/7/2022 12am VF-2211 Heaven & Hell #1 - An Introduction to the Subject of Heaven and Hell
Tuesday 11/8/2022 12am VF-2058 Luke 23:32-43 - Salvation Available to Every Dying Thief
Wednesday 11/9/2022 12am VF-2045 Eschatology #19 - Sardis: Be Vigilant against Complacency
Thursday 11/10/2022 12am VF-2038 Psalm 37 - Fret Not: Deliverance from Burning Anger
Friday 11/11/2022 12am VF-2099 Holy Spirit #1 - Our Sonship and the Leading of the Spirit
Saturday 11/12/2022 1am VF-1942 Matthew 25:14-30 - His Ownership; Your Stewardship
Sunday 11/13/2022 2pm VF-2335 John 3:1-16 God's Kingdom Yet to Come
Sunday 11/13/2022 3pm VF-2364 Sunday Service from October 23, 2022
Day Date ET ID# Title
Monday 11/14/2022 12am VF-2212 Heaven & Hell #2 - Seek Diligently Those Things Which Are Above
Tuesday 11/15/2022 12am VF-1943 Matthew 5:20 - God Is Looking for Giving from the Heart
Wednesday 11/16/2022 12am VF-2046 Eschatology #20 Philadelphia: Keep the Word of My Endurance
Thursday 11/17/2022 12am VF-1938 Isaiah 50:10 - Light Out of Darkness
Friday 11/18/2022 12am VF-2100 Holy Spirit #2 - Arrabon: Sealed by the Spirit of God
Saturday 11/19/2022 1am VF-1924 Isaiah 40:12-31 - Strength That Comes From God
Sunday 11/20/2022 2pm VF-2336 The Debate about the Historical Jesus Christ
Sunday 11/20/2022 3pm VF-2365 Sunday Service from October 30, 2022
Day Date ET ID# Title
Monday 11/21/2022 12am VF-2213 Heaven & Hell #3 - God’s Intent and Purpose In Creation/td>
Tuesday 11/22/2022 12am VF-1920 What Should I Look For In A Church?
Wednesday 11/23/2022 12am VF-2047 Eschatology #21 Laodicea: The Door of Grace Is Still Open
Thursday 11/24/2022 12am VF-1878 "But by the grace of God, I am what I am"
Friday 11/25/2022 12am VF-2101 Holy Spirit #3 - Revelation and Reception: The Activity of the Holy Spirit
Saturday 11/26/2022 1am VF-1870 Matthew 6:33 - God's Cure for Fretful Anxiety
Sunday 11/27/2022 2pm VF-2337 World Religions and the Uniqueness of Christ
Sunday 11/27/2022 3pm VF-2366 Sunday Service from November 6, 2022
Day Date ET ID# Title
Monday 11/28/2022 12am VF-2214 Heaven & Hell #4 - Born in Adam, but Not Doomed
Tuesday 11/29/2022 12am VF-1721 Knocked Down, but not Knocked Out
Wednesday 11/30/2022 12am VF-2048 Eschatology #22 - The Seven Churches: How to Overcome
Thursday 12/1/2022 12am VF-1747 Leviticus 1 - Giving: Five Offerings to God
Friday 12/2/2022 12am VF-2102 Holy Spirit #4 - The Foundation of the Baptisms
Saturday 12/3/2022 1am VF-1756 Jeremiah 18 - God Is a Patient Potter
Sunday 12/4/2022 2pm VF-2338 Micah #1 - An Introduction to the Prophecies of Micah
Sunday 12/4/2022 3pm VF-2367 Sunday Service from November 13, 2022
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