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Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D.
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Day Date ET ID# Title
Tuesday 6/18/2024 12am VF-2378 A Warning to the Church: Return to God's Word #4
Wednesday 6/19/2024 12am VF-2317 Colossians Chapter 4 #1 Continue in Prayer: The Prayers of the Patriarchs
Thursday 6/20/2024 12am VF-1724 The Old Way vs The New Man
Friday 6/21/2024 12am VF-1775 The Mirage Shall Become A Pool: Rahab's Faith
Sunday 6/23/2024 12pm VF-1817 Practice an Awareness of His Presence
Sunday 6/23/2024 1pm VF-2417 From Moses to Messiah: The Biblical History of Judaism #2
Sunday 6/23/2024 2pm VF-2235 Heaven & Hell #23 - The Judgment Seat of Christ: Account of Your Stewardship
Sunday 6/23/2024 3pm VF-2448 Sunday Service from June 2, 2024
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