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Day Date Time ID# Title
Monday 6/14/2021 12am VF-1834 1 Thessalonians 2:13 - The Word of God vs. The Word of Man
Tuesday 6/15/2021 12am VF-1737 1 Peter #11 - BaRaK: How a Man Blesses God
Wednesday 6/16/2021 12am VF-2008 Nehemiah #18 - Put God's House First
Thursday 6/17/2021 12am VF-2032 Eschatology #9 - The Evil Trinity
Friday 6/18/2021 12am VF-2146 Jude #9 - The Gainsaying of Korah
Saturday 6/19/2021 1am VF-2164 Galatians: Crucified with Christ, Liberty at Last
Sunday 6/20/2021 2pm VF-2262 Colossians Ch 1 #9 - We Are Citizens of His Kingdom
Sunday 6/20/2021 3pm VF-2291 Sunday Service from May 30, 2021
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