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Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D.
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Day Date ET ID# Title
Tuesday 9/26/2023 12am VF-2093 Isaiah 64:4 Wait on God: Adhere to His Word
Wednesday 9/27/2023 12am VF-2278 Colossians Chapter 2 #3 - Under New Management
Thursday 9/28/2023 12am VF-2096 Psalm 42 & 43 Depression: God's Light and Truth Will Cast Away the Darkness
Friday 9/29/2023 12am VF-2166 Dimensions of Christ's Work at the Cross #10 - Justified Before God at the Cross
Sunday 9/31/2023 12pm VF-2000 Nehemiah #10 - God Called You
Sunday 9/31/2023 1pm VF-2176 2 Corinthians 11:3-15 Satan's Attack and the Remedy in Christ
Sunday 9/31/2023 2pm VF-2389 The Tabernacle through the Eyes of Christ #7 - The Ark and the Mercy Seat: God’s Plan to Dwell with Man
Sunday 9/31/2023 3pm VF-2410 Sunday Service from September 10, 2023
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