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Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D.
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Day Date ET ID# Title
Monday 5/16/2022 12am VF-1923 Hebrews #31 - Slothfulness In Hearing That Prevents Progress
Tuesday 5/17/2022 12am VF-1745 Romans 10:17 - Akouete: Hearing of the Word
Wednesday 5/18/2022 12am VF-2133 Humility: Christ Speaks to the Lowly in Heart
Thursday 5/19/2022 12am VF-1814 1 Corinthians 1:18 - Peace, Pardon and Power by The Cross
Friday 5/20/2022 12am VF-1941 Matthew 13 - Well Doing Is the Toil of Sowing
Saturday 5/21/2022 1am VF-2123 Daniel 6:1-28 - Dare to be Daniel in the Modern-Day Lion's Den
Sunday 5/22/2022 2pm VF-2310 Colossians Ch 3 #15 - God Never Ordained Slavery
Sunday 5/22/2022 3pm VF-2339 Sunday Service from May 1, 2022
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