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Day Date ET ID# Title
Monday 3/27/2023 12am VF-2234 Heaven & Hell #22 - God’s Promise: You Will Be Changed
Tuesday 3/28/2023 12am VF-2086 Deuteronomy 33:24-25, 27 God Provides Tough Shoes for the Walk
Wednesday 3/29/2023 12am VF-2254 Colossians #1 - The History and Background of Colossians
Thursday 3/30/2023 12am VF-2169 Psalm 143 God's Help for the Overwhelmed
Friday 3/31/2023 12am VF-2118 The Person of the Holy Spirit #19 - Spiritual Maturity vs. Spiritual Infancy
Saturday 4/1/2023 1am VF-2129 Deuteronomy 33:27 Everlasting and Eternal: Safety in God's Arms
Sunday 4/2/2023 2pm VF-2356 God’s Hand in History #9 - The Phoenicians’ Influence on the Tribe of Dan
Sunday 4/2/2023 3pm VF-2384 Sunday Service from March 12, 2023
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